BMW 7 Series G11 Side Mirror Cap Replacement DIY Tutorial

BMW 7 Series G11 Side Mirror Cap Replacement DIY Tutorial

Replacing the side mirror on your BMW 7 Series G11 might seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it's a task you can tackle yourself. Whether your side mirror caps are damaged or you want to replace them with our aftermarket M look ones (available in glossy black or carbon fiber), this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of safely and effectively replacing them.

From removing the old mirror to installing the new one, we'll provide detailed instructions and tips to help you restore your BMW's appearance and functionality with confidence. Let's get started on this DIY journey to a freshly replaced side mirror for your BMW 7 Series G11.



How to Replace your BMW 7 Series Side Mirror Caps

Materials Needed:

- Replacement side mirror
- Plastic lever or trim removal tool


Step 1: Pry the side mirror cap away


To begin, locate the lower seam between the side mirror cap and the mirror assembly itself of your BMW 7 Series. Gently insert the plastic lever provided by Euro Premium Parts for the order of your side mirror caps into the seam, ensuring not to scratch or damage the surrounding paint or trim. You can also use a credit card.


Starting by the exterior bottom edge, apply gentle pressure to the tool to pry the side mirror away from the mirror frame. You will feel the clips getting loosened:


As you continue prying, you will feel the mirror cap gradually loosening from its mounting:


We recommend to start with the exterior section, and gradually move towards the door:


You will feel the old side mirror cover gradually become looser from its mounting. 


You will also need to unclip the top of the side mirror:


When all mounting points are unclipped, you will be able to completely detach the side mirror. To do this, place your hand and firmly pull the mirror cover towards the front of your car.

The side mirror cap will then be completely detached:



Step 2: Dismantle the side mirror indicator 


You will need first to unplug the mirror indicator connector :


You need to dismantle the side mirror indicator by unbolting the 2 T10 Torx screws holding it in place:


Step 3: Install your new BMW side mirror caps 

With the old mirror covers removed, it's time to install the new ones.


Firstly you will need to reinstall the indicators by bolting the screws back, and plug the indicator.

Then, take the time to check the mounting points of your new side mirror caps to help you in the installation process:


Align the mounting tabs on the new side mirror with the corresponding slots on the mirror frame. Take care to position the mirror cap correctly, ensuring that it sits flush against the frame.

Once aligned, firmly press the mirror into place until it is securely seated:


Check for any gaps or misalignment and adjust as needed.

Step 4: Final Checks

Before finishing up, double-check that the side mirror is securely attached and properly aligned. Test the mirror's functionality by adjusting it using the vehicle's controls. Once satisfied, take a moment to admire your handiwork and enjoy the refreshed appearance of your BMW 7 Series. Check out our shop to find other performance accessories to further enhance the looks of your BMW!




Congratulations! You've successfully replaced the side mirror on your BMW 7Series using our simple DIY guide. By following these steps, you've saved time and money compared to dealership or mechanic costs. Now, hit the road with confidence, knowing you can tackle automotive tasks like a pro. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy driving!


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