BMW X4 F26 Side mirror replacement DIY Tutorial

Note: This DIY Tutorial is for the F26 X4 generation. Click here for the X3 E53 generation or here for the X3 G Generation.

Replacing the side mirror on your BMW X4 F26 might seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it's a task you can tackle yourself. Whether your mirror is damaged or malfunctioning, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of safely and effectively replacing it.

From removing the old mirror to installing the new one, we'll provide detailed instructions and tips to help you restore your X3's appearance and functionality with confidence. Let's get started on this DIY journey to a freshly replaced side mirror for your BMW X3.


How to Replace a BMW X4 Side Mirror: Step-by-Step Guide


Step 1: Remove the glass of the mirror


With caution, gently pry the edges of the mirror glass to partially unclip all 4 mounting points. Then, choose the top left edge of the glass and pull a bit harder. The glass should come out of its position. Note that this part is fragile, so handle it carefully to avoid damage.



Step 2: Disconnect the mirror heating connector

Using your fingers or a small screwdriver, unclip and remove the heating connector


Step 3: Unclip the side mirror cap

4 clips are hold the side mirror cap in place. Using a screwdriver, pry them one at a time to unclip the mirror cover.


You can look at your new mirror caps clips to identify exactly how they work. Whether you bought our M Style mirror caps available in glossy black or carbon fiber or OEM units, mounting points are located in the same spots.

Once all 4 are unclipped, pull the side cap away.


Step 4: Install your new side mirror caps

Taking your new mirrors, start clipping them by the bottom then slip them into the 4 mounting points. You should hear a click sound. Make sure it is not moving around and solidly put in place.


Step 5: Put back in place the glass and heating connector 

Simply process in reverse order to complete the operation. 

To put the mirror glass back in place, make sure to place your hand flat against the glass and do not put too much pressure in one spot to avoid cracking.


You are all set!

Congratulations on successfully replacing the side mirror on your BMW X3! By following this DIY guide, you've not only saved time and money but also gained valuable experience in automotive maintenance.

If you want to further enhance your BMW X3, you can take a peek at all our BMW accessories and rely on our DIY tutorials to ensure a smooth install!

Now, with your X3 looking and functioning as good as new, you can hit the road with confidence. Remember, if you ever encounter any other maintenance tasks, don't hesitate to consult resources like this one or seek professional assistance. Happy driving!

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