How to change the front grilles of your BMW 4 Series F32 - 2012 to 2019

How to change the front grilles of your BMW 4 Series F32 - 2012 to 2019


One of the most exposed elements on the road, your grille is often the first accessory to replace when you want to modify the aesthetics of your BMW. We offer black grille replacements on our Euro Racing Parts store, replacing the ones originally installed on your vehicle for the entire BMW range. However, it can be intimidating at first to have to disassemble these parts on your vehicle. That's why we provide a tutorial to assist you in removing and reinstalling your grille grilles.




Estimated Time: 15 to 20 minutes

Tools Required:

- T20 Torx

- T30 Torx

- Small flat-head screwdriver or a lever (you can find these tools at Facom, KS Tools, Stanley, etc.).




1. Locate the rubber hood seal at the front of the engine compartment.

2. Remove the seal, starting from one side, which will make the task easier.

BMW 4 series f32

3. There are 8 screws, 4 on each side of your bumper: (6) T30 Torx and (2) T20 Torx that need to be removed. A T20 Torx screw is located above each headlight.

4. Now that the 8 screws are removed, the bumper cover should slide forward. Be careful and make sure to pull directly forward rather than upward because there are 4 metal clips holding the bumper in place that could break.

5. The top of the bumper is flexible to a reasonable extent, allowing a hand or tool to reach behind the grilles. By pulling on the sides rather than the center of the bumper, you get greater flexibility. People with large hands will likely find it easier to start from the outside and work inward.

6. Now, using a flat-head screwdriver or a lever, press on the grille release tabs while gently pulling the grille from the outside; there are 3 clips at the top and bottom of the grille and one clip on each side.

Note: For the bottom clips, you'll need to use your hand rather than a screwdriver as they face the ground.

7. Once the first grille is removed from the bumper, you can more easily access the other grille.

8. Now, grab your new grille grilles and push them gently into place; run your hand around the perimeter of the glossy black grille to ensure all clips are securely fastened.

*Use a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints.

9. Once the new grilles are in place, align the metal clips with the bumper cover, then slide it back into place.

10. Screw in the 8 Torx screws, but before tightening them, ensure the top of the bumper is well aligned; you can rely on the gap between the slide and the edge of the bumper; it should be the same on each side.

11. Now, enjoy your BMW with these new Euro Racing Parts grille grilles!

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