All versions of BMW iDrive explained: CCC, CIC, NBT, 7.0 and 8.0

Dive into the Evolution of BMW's iDrive System: From CCC to iDrive 8.0

Since its introduction in 2001 on the 7 Series (E65), BMW's iDrive system has undergone significant evolution, passing through several generations to meet the growing demands of drivers for connectivity, user-friendliness, and performance. Each of these generations, from CCC to iDrive 8.0, has brought notable improvements, both in hardware and software.

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1. CCC (Car Communication Computer)



Introduction Period: 2003

Models: 1 Series (E81/E82/E87/E88), 3 Series (E90/E91/E92/E93), 5 Series (E60/E61), 6 Series (E63/E64), X5 (E70), X6 (E72)

The CCC marked the beginning of the iDrive era. Launched in 2003, it offered an 8.8-inch LCD screen and used DVDs to store map data. Its use of the real-time operating system Wind River VxWorks laid the groundwork for what would become a revolutionary centralized control system. Minor updates, such as CCC - Update 1 and CCC - Update 2, brought incremental improvements.



2. CIC (Car Information Computer)



Introduction Period: 2008

Models: 1 Series (E81/E82/E87/E88), 3 Series (E90/E91/E92/E93), 5 Series (E60/E61), 6 Series (E63/E64), 7 Series (F01/F02/F03/F04), X1 (E84), X3 (F25), X5 (E70), X6 (E71), Z4 (E89)

The CIC, launched in 2008, brought substantial improvements, including higher screen resolution and increased responsiveness. Internet support and the use of internal hard drives for data storage opened up new possibilities, marking a significant step forward in iDrive evolution.

3. NBT (Next Big Thing)



Introduction Period: 2012

Models: 1 Series (F20/F21), 2 Series (F22/F23), 3 Series (F30/F31), 4 Series (F32/F33/F36), 5 Series (F07/F10/F11), 6 Series (F06/F12/F13), 7 Series (F01/F02/F03), X3 (F25), X4 (F26), X5 (F15/F85), X6 (F16/F86), i3, i8

The NBT continued iDrive's ascent with an even larger screen and increased storage capacity. The introduction of handwriting recognition and gesture controls added an intuitive interaction dimension, reinforcing BMW's commitment to innovation in the driving experience.

4. NBT EVO (Evolution)

bmw nbt evo 4


Introduction Period: 2016

Models: 1 Series (F20/F21), 2 Series (F22/F23), 3 Series (F30/F31), 4 Series (F32/F33/F36), 5 Series (G30), 6 Series (F06/F12/F13), 7 Series (G12), X1 (F48), X2 (F39), X3 (G01), X4 (G02), X5 (G05), X6 (G06), i3 (ID6.0), i8 (ID6.0)

The NBT EVO, introduced in 2016, brought significant changes to iDrive's operational logic. The introduction of touch interaction and improved connectivity with Connected Drive services propelled the system to new levels of user-friendliness.



5. iDrive 7.0

bmw idrive 7

Introduction Period: 2018

Models: 1 Series (F40), 2 Series (F44), 3 Series (G20), 4 Series (G22), 5 Series (G30), 6 Series (G32), 7 Series (G11), 8 Series (G15), X3 (G01), iX3 (G08), X4 (G02), X5 (G05), X6 (G06), X7 (G07), Z4 (G29)

iDrive 7.0 introduced the Live Cockpit Plus and Live Cockpit Professional configurations, offering modern digital screens and advanced connectivity. These innovations strengthened iDrive's position as a reference system in the automotive infotainment field.



6. iDrive 8.0

bmw idrive 8


Introduction Period: 2021

Models: 2 Series Active Tourer (U06), 2 Series Coupé (G42) (after summer 2022), 3 Series (G20 facelift), 7 Series (G70), iX1, i4, iX, XM, X1 (U11), X5 (G05 facelift), X6 (G06 facelift), X7 (G07 facelift)

iDrive 8.0, unveiled in 2021, features the BMW Curved Display, marking an aesthetic revolution. In addition to its modernized design, it offers advanced infotainment features, representing the pinnacle of iDrive evolution.


Each iteration of BMW's iDrive system represents a chapter in the constant evolution of connectivity and user-friendliness in onboard systems. With the advent of iDrive 9 based on Android Auto OS, BMW continues to set industry standards in technology and driving experience.

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