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AMG-Style aluminum steering wheel shifting paddles for Mercedes-Benz (2012 to 2020)

AMG-Style aluminum steering wheel shifting paddles for Mercedes-Benz (2012 to 2020)

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Explore the epitome of driving luxury with our meticulously crafted AMG-inspired paddle shifter extensions for your Mercedes-Benz.

These high-quality aluminum alloy extensions not only bring a touch of opulence to your driving pleasure but also serve as a seamless mod to your vehicle's interior.

Precision-machined for a flawless fit, our paddle shifter extensions effortlessly integrate with your steering wheel, enhancing both style and functionality. Choose from a variety of colors to customize your driving experience.

Please note that this specific model is not suitable for AMG versions. For AMG-compatible extensions, visit our store. Ensure compatibility with your steering wheel paddles, as shown in the last image, before placing your order.



Mercedes A-Class W176 (2015-2019)

Mercedes B-Class W246 (2015-2019)

Mercedes C-Class W205 Sedan (excluding Coupe and C250) (2015-2019)

Mercedes CLA C117 (2015-2019)

Mercedes CLS W218 (2015-2019)

Mercedes E-Class W213 (2017-2019)

Mercedes GLA X156 (2016-2019)

Mercedes GLC X253 (2016-2019)

Mercedes GLE X253 (2016-2020)

Mercedes GLS X166 (2017-2019)

Mercedes Classe S W222 (2014-2019)

Mercedes SL R231 Phase 2 (2015-2019)

Mercedes SLC (2017-2018)


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Elevate your Mercedes-Benz with our AMG-inspired paddle shifter extensions, the perfect blend of sophistication and driving enhancement. Immerse yourself in the luxury of easy-to-install, precision-engineered accessories that redefine your driving experience.

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