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AMG Type Rear Trunk Spoiler for Mercedes CLA C117 (2013 to 2019)

AMG Type Rear Trunk Spoiler for Mercedes CLA C117 (2013 to 2019)

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Discover our trunk spoilers for Mercedes CLA-Class C117 Sedan in a sleek glossy black finish

Our trunk spoilers highlight the sporty appearance of your Mercedes, taking inspiration from the CLA 45 AMG models.

Compatible with all versions of Mercedes CLA C117 (2013 - 2019)

You can also view the rest of our performance parts for your Mercedes-Benz on our store, such as our performance mirror mods or paddleshifters.


EURO PREMIUM PARTS brings together a collection of performance spare parts and mods for your Mercedes C-Class Coupe W205. We offer you our glossy black trunk spoilers which enhance the design of your vehicle by giving it a sportier finish but without being ostentatious. ABS materials allow them to combine resistance and sportiness, the objective of each of our performance accessories.



As with all our automotive equipment, we have ensured that our trunk spoilers perfectly match the curve of your trunk. As such, they bring a new look to the rear of your car.

DISCLAIMER: our carbon-finkshed parts are made of ABS plastic

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