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LED Angel Eyes Headlight DTM Lights for BMW 3 Series E90 E91 - '06 to '13

LED Angel Eyes Headlight DTM Lights for BMW 3 Series E90 E91 - '06 to '13

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Radiant Illumination: LED Angel Eyes Headlights Kit for BMW 3 Series E90

Unleash the Power of Light with Our BMW LED Angel Eyes kits

Three types of Angel Eyes are available for your car:

- DTM Type: Replicas of the headlights used in DTM racing models.
- BMW F Generation Type: Replicas of the Angel Eyes models installed on BMW 3 Series F30, with a flat design.
- Classic Angel Eyes: Replicas of the round Angel Eyes installed on the restyled BMW 3 Series E90.

Compatibility: Specifically designed for BMW 3 Series E90 models, our LED Angel Eyes rings fit perfectly on your vehicle.

Attention: Please select the appropriate Angel Eyes for your vehicle based on the type of Angel Eyes you desire, the type of headlights in your car (Xenon or Halogen), and the year of manufacture of your car (before or after restyling).

Content of your order: 4x LED Halo rings, tailored to your OEM headlights.

Captivating Design: Elevate Your BMW's Aesthetics

Immerse Your BMW in Elegance

Experience a visual upgrade with the modern and sleek design of our LED Angel Eyes. The carefully crafted LED rings not only add a touch of elegance to your BMW but also make a bold statement on the road. We also recommend fitting our black front grilles and carbon mirror caps to complete your car's look. You can check out all our aftermarket parts for your car by visiting our catalogue of accessories.

Enhanced Visibility: Navigate the Roads with Confidence

See and Be Seen

Drive confidently in any lighting condition. Our Angel Eyes provide superior brightness, ensuring you not only stand out but also enjoy improved visibility on the road. Make a statement with your presence, day or night.

Effortless Installation: Upgrade Your BMW with Ease

Hassle-Free Upgrade

No need for complex installations or professional assistance. Our Angel Eyes Headlights Kit comes with user-friendly instructions, making the installation process a breeze. Elevate your BMW's look without the fuss.

Perfect Fit: Tailored for Your BMW 3 Series E90

Precision Engineering

Designed with your BMW 3 Series E90 or E91 in mind, our kit guarantees a perfect fit and seamless integration into your vehicle's headlights. Enjoy optimal performance with a product tailored to enhance your BMW's appeal.

Energy-Efficient Brilliance: Powerful and Eco-Friendly

Brightness Without Compromise

Our LED technology delivers powerful illumination while being energy-efficient. Light up the road without straining your vehicle's electrical system. Enjoy a long-lasting and reliable lighting solution for your BMW.

Why Choose Our LED Angel Eyes Headlights Kit

  • Tailored to Your BMW: Specifically designed for BMW 3 Series E90, ensuring compatibility and a perfect fit.

  • Easy Upgrade: User-friendly installation instructions for a hassle-free enhancement of your BMW's lighting.

  • Distinctive Design: Stand out on the road with the modern and elegant LED Angel Eyes, making a bold statement.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Drive with confidence, knowing that your BMW is equipped with superior brightness for improved road visibility.

Elevate your BMW driving experience with our LED Angel Eyes Headlights Kit. Unleash the power of light and transform your BMW 3 Series E90 into a captivating and high-performance driving machine. Upgrade today and let your BMW shine brighter than ever before.

Transform the appearance of your BMW 3 Series with our LED Angel Eyes rings. Order now to give your car a luxurious and modern look while improving your visibility.

Disclaimer: We only sell the LED rings and not the complete headlight unit. Adaptable product.

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