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Dynamic Sequential LED Mirror Turn Signals for Audi A4 B8 and B8.5 (2007 to 2016)

Dynamic Sequential LED Mirror Turn Signals for Audi A4 B8 and B8.5 (2007 to 2016)

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Upgrade the looks and safety of your Audi A4 with our LED Dynamic Mirror Turn Signals.


Our LED indicators are specifically designed for all '06 to '16 Audi A4 B8 and B8.5 models, offering a modern and dynamic look to your car while providing added visibility on the road.


Please select the correct variant for your car (B8 or B8.5, refer to images for more info).


Crafted with high-quality LED technology, these dynamic mirror blinkers are designed to catch the attention of other drivers with their sleek and stylish design. They are compatible with both original and Euro Premium Parts M-Styled mirror covers, giving you the freedom to mod your BMW as you please.


Our LED turn signals are easy to install with no prior mechanical experience required. Simply remove the existing turn signals and replace them with our LED Dynamic Mirror Turn Signals. All necessary tools are included in the package.

To further complete the look of your Audi, we also recommend our black exhaust tips, performance paddle shifters, carbon fiber mirror caps and many more. Check out the rest of our performance parts for your Audi on our shop!


Upgrade your Audi A4 with our LED Dynamic Mirror Turn Signals today and enjoy enhanced safety and style on the road.

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