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Performance paddle Shifters for Volkswagen Jetta Mk7 (2018 - Present)

Performance paddle Shifters for Volkswagen Jetta Mk7 (2018 - Present)

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Improve your driving experience with our steering wheel paddles for your VW


Precision-machined, our paddle shifters bring a higher-end touch to your driving experience.

Various colors are available. We also provide the necessary installation components to fit them onto your steering wheel.

Quick and easy installation: our paddles simply stick on the original ones, no disassembly required. Adhesives are pre-fitted. Just make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned before mounting.



Fir for the following models (check last picture for steering wheel compatibility):

  • 2018 VW Jetta Mk7
  • 2019 VW Jetta Mk7
  • 2020 VW Jetta Mk7
  • 2021 VW Jetta Mk7
  • 2022 VW Jetta Mk7
  • 2023 VW Jetta Mk7
  • 2024 VW Jetta Mk7



In demanding driving conditions, maintaining control of your vehicle is essential. While factory-installed steering wheel paddles may be sufficient for daily commutes, they can prove inadequate during sporty use, where perfect control of gear engagement is crucial.

Our larger steering wheel paddles enhance your driving experience in all circumstances and personalize the interior design of your VW.



The feel of OEM steering wheel paddles often leaves room for improvement. Our aluminum alloy paddle extensions add a high-end touch to your driving experience, enhancing your driving pleasure.

They are compatible with double-clutch gearboxes like DKG and automatic torque converter transmissions such as the six-speed Steptronic.



Easy to install, our paddle extensions are designed to fit directly in place of the original paddles, without the need for any additional adjustments.

Available in various colors, they also allow you to create personalized aesthetic accents in your BMW interior.

Explore our performance accessories designed to enhance the exterior aesthetics of your car: dynamic LED turn signals and Angel Eyes, black grilles, and our Performance mirror caps.

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