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Performance steering wheel paddle shifters for BMW G-chassis (from 2015)

Performance steering wheel paddle shifters for BMW G-chassis (from 2015)

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Improve your driving experience with our paddle shifters for BMW G Chassis 

Enhance the look and feel of your BMW interior with premium Aluminum Paddle Shifters designed specifically for G chassis models from 2015.


Crafted with precision, these paddle shifters offer superior control and style for the interior of your BMW. You can choose between a wide range of colors including blue, silver, black, and red.

Compatible with G Chassis BMW models:

List of Compatible BMW Models (excluding M versions):

- BMW 3 Series G20 (2019-Present)

- BMW 4 Series G22/G26 (2020-Present)

- BMW 5 Series G30 (2017-2019)

- BMW 6 Series GT G32 (2017-2019)

- BMW 7 Series G11/G12 (2015-2019)

- BMW X2 G01 (2017-Present)

- BMW X4 G02 (2018-2020)

- BMW X5 G05 (2018-Present)


Improve your BMW's interior

Our Aluminum Paddle Shifter Extensions are engineered for seamless integration with all BMW G-chassis models, ensuring a perfect fit and finish. Designed to be directly attached onto the original paddle shifters, installation is effortless and requires no dismantling or modifications to your vehicle.

Simply clip them over your existing paddle shifters, and you're ready to enjoy an elevated driving experience with enhanced control and style. Durability being our main concern for all our products, we have ensured a tight fit so these aftermarket parts can feel as sturdy as the original paddle shifters.




The feel of OEM steering wheel paddle shifters often leaves room for improvement. Our aluminum alloy paddle extensions add a high-end touch to your driving experience, enhancing your driving pleasure.

They are compatible with double-clutch gearboxes like DKG and automatic torque converter transmissions such as the six-speed Steptronic.


Our performance accessories are manufactured to ensure an excellent fit in close alignment with BMW accessories. Explore our catalogue of aftermarket BMW parts designed to enhance the exterior aesthetics of your car: LED angel eyes, black grilles, carbon fiber mirror covers and many more !


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